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Outback Therapeutic Expeditions is the industry's premier wilderness program. Outback provides an innovative and effective therapeutic experience for teens in crisis. Since our founding in 2001, we have helped thousands of young people get their lives back on track. We believe teens and families deserve the best clinical treatment and support available. Outback is highly recommended by therapists, doctors, and educational professionals nationwide and our program has been featured on the critically acclaimed "Dr. Phil" show. At Outback, our students truly get to the heart of who they are, gain valuable life skills, and learn to make healthy choices - moving forward toward long-term success.

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About Us

Outback provides the exceptional solutions you've been searching for.

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated and talented team of professionals who will help your child grow and succeed.


Learn more about tuition, length of stay, and complete steps to enrollment process.

Our Programs

Discover the many opportunities your child will have to learn and grow at Outback.


Our accredited academic program is customized to meet the unique needs of each student.

Typical Day

Every day at Outback is filled with opportunities for growth, change, and success.

A message from our Director

A message from our Director

Welcome to the Outback Therapeutic Expeditions website, and thank you for taking a few moments to learn about our program. I understand that the decision to enroll your child in a therapeutic wilderness program is never an easy one. I want to personally assure you that I and every other member of our team are committed to working with you, to earning and retaining your trust, and to ensuring that you remain informed, engaged, and actively involved in your child’s progress. Read more...

Our Philosophy

At Outback, we employ a warm, encouraging and non-confrontational approach while challenging students to harness their own inner strengths to launch into young-adulthood with confidence and success. Rather than forcing change from the outside, we facilitate an experience that helps our students discover why they should change, and how to make that change happen from within. We celebrate the unique character of each student, we model our core principles, and we offer guidance and support as they discover the rewards of a new way of life. Read more...



"I cannot say enough about the positive impact Outback has had on our son. It is as if our family has been given a second chance at a healthy life together. We intend to make the most of it! I would recommend Outback to anyone considering a program of this nature." Read what other parents are saying about Outback.

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